The study of health communication addresses issues that include:

  • How healthcare providers communicate with their patients
  • How patients can be empowered in interactions with healthcare providers
  • How media message can affect understandings of risk, health, illness and disease
  • How everyday conversations influence health and risk behavior
  • How traditional and new media are used in health promotion and education

Health Communication Faculty:

  • Nichole Egbert, Ph.D., University of Georgia
    • Interests: Caregiving and social support, health literacy, religion and spirituality in health, relational communication
  • Catherine Goodall, Ph.D., The Ohio State University
    • Interests: Persuasion, message processing, health communication campaigns, processing and effects of health messages in news, advertising and entertainment media
  • Jihyun Kim, Ph.D., The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
    • Interests: Effects of technologies for health promotion/prevention (e.g., video games for exercise, smoking), online education (e.g., distance/virtual classes) and parasocial relationships
  • Mei-Chen Lin, Ph.D,. University of Kansas
    • Interests: Communication and aging, elder abuse, quality of intergenerational relationships


One of the areas of greatest job growth is in health-related professions. Graduates of this emphasis can pursue careers in health marketing, public health, patient advocacy and support and health promotion through agencies and non-profit organizations.

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