Heath Communication Checklist

Health Communication Master’s Program Checklist

Foundational Requirements of the Program (9-12 credit hours)

COMM 65000 Foundations of Communication Inquiry

COMM 65652 Theories of Communication

COMM 65020 Quantitative Research Methods

COMM 65794 Teaching of College Communication (required only for graduate assistants)

Core Courses for the Concentration (6 credit hours)

COMM 66503 Health Communication and Media Effects

COMM 66507 Interpersonal Communication and Health 

Health Communication Electives

COMM 66501 Health Communication

COMM 66508 Health Communication Literacy

COMM 66509 Public Communication Campaign Other COMM classes approved by the advisor

Any Non-Communication Courses (Max. of 6 credit hours) – Approved by the advisor

Any Individual Investigation (Max. of 6 credit hours) – Approved by the advisor

Summer Visiting Scholar (2 credit hours) – Recommended

Graduation Options

 COMM 60199/60299 Thesis (6 credit hours)

COMM 64092 Internship (3 credit hours)

COMM 61198 Project (3 credit hours)

Coursework-only (0 credit hours) 

TOTAL HOURS (minimum of 32 credit hours)