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Internship & Career Resources

Communication studies students have access to a variety of resources through Kent State and the School of Communication Studies.

Career Exploration and Development

Career Exploration and Development at Kent State offers a Job & Internship Search page, Job Interview Preparation resources and the Experience Job & Internship Board allows students and alumni to apply to positions posted year round by employers (on and off campus).


The School of Communication Studies LinkedIn group is an opportunity to network with fellow alumni and share position announcements.

ASk the Workplace Doctors

Ask the Workplace Doctors is a free question and answer forum from COMM Emeritus Professor William Gorden, Ph.D., and communication consultant Tina Lewis Rowe, among others with expertise in workplace communication, featuring advice on about every aspect of workplace communication. Browse the archive for hundreds of questions and answers, or submit your own if it hasn't been previously discussed. NOTE: The opinions expressed on the forum do not represent the views of Kent State University, its trustees, officers, employees or agents. The opinions of the authors do not constitute legal or medical advice and may not be relied upon as such. Consultation with professionals in the field is encouraged. The user waives any and all claims against Kent State University, its trustees, officers, employees and agents.

Course Credit

Students interested in earning Practicum or Internship credit should make an advising appointment with Laura Stroia and complete the application.

Applications are due to the Internship and Practicum coordinator by the dates listed below:​

  • Fall Semester - Applications are due the middle of April

  • Spring Semester - Applications are due the middle of October

  • Summer Semester - Applications are due the middle of February