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Internships & Practicums

College is the time to get experience, inside the classroom and out. Internships allow students to test career options and build their resume.

Individual Investigation (COMM 45196):

Readings and/or research on problems approved by a faculty project director and in consultation with the student's advisor.

Practicum (COMM 46092):

The Practicum requires 150 hours for three credits. A formal cooperative field experience with a designated organization or agency, as designed by the student and the practicum coordinator. The practicum requires students to build a portfolio of work, in addition to completing the duties of the position.

INternship (COMM 45092):

The internship requires 130 hours for every three credits, repeatable up to six credit hours. A formal cooperative field experience with a designated organization or agency, as designed by the student and the internship coordinator. The internship requires students to keep a log of their work hours, submit weekly reports and a self-reflection paper designed to discuss their internship experience.

Students interested in enrolling in a Practicum or Internship should make an appointment with Laura Stroia and complete the application

Applications are due to the Internship and Practicum coordinator by the dates listed below:​

  • Fall Semester - Applications are due the middle of April
  • Spring Semester - Applications are due the middle of October
  • Summer Semester - Applications are due the middle of February


The School of Communication Studies offers undergraduate students an opportunity to work as a marketing and PR assistant. The assistant supports the school's marketing and PR communication specialist in developing and executing marketing and PR strategies. Students interested in applying for the position can contact Kelly Schobinger in the main office.

Internship, Practicum and Independent Study credits are for communication majors with senior standing or who have obtained special permission to register for these credits. Students must have least a 2.0 cumulative GPA and 2.25 major GPA. No more than six hours combined of 45092, 46092, 45196 can apply toward major requirements. Internship credit does NOT take the place of a required course. Students will receive either a grade of S or U for Internship and Individual Study and a letter grade for Practicum. Students must complete 130 hours for every three credits of Internship; 150 hours for the Practicum and provide the internship application, submit the School of Communication Studies Experiential Learning Credit Application and agreement form prior to registering.