After more than 30 years, interpersonal communication is one of the longest-standing areas of emphasis in the School of Communication Studies. A focus in this area allows students to study family and intergroup communication, communication and cognition and both personal and mediated communication.

Interpersonal Communication Faculty:

  • Jeffrey T. Child, Ph.D., North Dakota State University  
    • Interests: Privacy management, family/relational communication, new communication technologies, computer-mediated communication, quantitative research methods, communication education, communication across cultures, communication across life-span, group dynamics
  • Janet Meyer, Ph.D., University of Michigan
    • Interests: Communication and cognition, message production, persuasion, regretted messages, communication theory  
  • Mei-Chen Lin, Ph.D., University of Kansas
    • Interests: Communication and aging, intercultural communication, intergenerational
  • Nichole Egbert, Ph.D., University of Georgia
    • Interests: Caregiving and social support, health literacy, religion and spirituality in health, relational communication


Graduates from this program will gain and refine the valuable skill of being able to effectively listen and communicate with others - useful for any career. Graduates may choose to pursue positions in sales, human resources, training, counseling, teaching and other fields.