The dual-degree program integrates knowledge of economic and business development practices that impact our interconnected global business world.

To apply, you only need to complete one set of application materials. Each program makes an independent admission decision on your same application. Admission is based on grades, GRE or GMAT, references, an admissions essay and professional experience.

Program Requirements

MBA Management Requirements (35-41 credit hours)
•ACCT 63037 Financial Accounting For Managerial Action
•ACCT 63038 Accounting For Managerial Action & Evaluation
•BAD 68051 Professional Development I
•BAD 68052 Professional Development II
•ECON 62021 Business Conditions Analysis & Public Policy
•ECON 62022 Managerial Economics
•FIN 66050 The Legal and Ethical Environment of Management Decisions
•FIN 66061 Financial Management I
•MIS 64005 Statistics For Management -or- COMM 65020   Quantitative Research Methods in Communication
•MIS 64041 Operations Management
•MIS 64042 Global Technology Strategy
•MIS 64185 Business Strategy
•MIS 64271 Human Resources Management
•MKTG 65051 Marketing Management

MA in Communication Studies Requirements (20-27 credit hours)
•COMM 65000 Foundations of Communication Inquiry
•COMM 65652 Theories of Communication
•COMM 65661 Communication in an Information Society
•COMM 65680 Intercultural/International Communication
•COMM 65766 Communication in a Global Society
•COMM 65851 Organizational Communication
•COMM Elective #1
•GLOBAL EXPERIENCE Study abroad/Internship