A focus in this emphasis introduces students to theory and practice related to persuasive communication and the analysis of media processes, uses and effects.

Mediated and Mass Communication Faculty:

  • Catherine Goodall, Ph.D., The Ohio State University
    • Interests: Persuasion, message processing, health communication campaigns, processing and effects of health messages in news, advertising and entertainment media 
  • Paul Haridakis, Ph.D., Kent State University
    • Interests: Media uses and effects, law, public policy, new communication technologies, sports communication and freedom of speech
  • Michael Beam, Ph.D., The Ohio State University
    • Interests: Online news, personalization, partisan news and political polarization, tailored health communication
  • Jihyun Kim, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    • Interests: Effects of technologies for health promotion/prevention (e.g., video games for exercise, smoking), online education (e.g., distance/virtual classes) and parasocial relationships


Graduates of this program will have the abilities to work in communication and information-related fields, including: media promotions, public relations, political campaigns or lobbying, social media management, advertising, community outreach, media campaign development, media consulting, motivational speaking, market and audience research, public affairs, strategic message design, corporate communication, etc. With a firm understanding of theory and practice, graduates of this concentration may also pursue higher education in prestigious Ph.D. programs.