College of Communication and Information Welcomed Chinese Student Delegates

College of Communication and Information Welcomed Chinese Student Delegates

In conjunction with Sichuan University in Chengdu, China, the School of Communication Studies and the College of Communication and Information invited four student delegates and three administrators to Kent State University to experience the everyday life of a communication studies student. From Oct. 5 through 17, students Jia Jia, Xueying Song, Mengyao Tian and Yuhong Xia plus administrators Dr. Xia Chen, Dr. Qilin Fu and Dr. Yanli He got a chance to experience Kent culture, communication studies culture, CCI culture and the hospitality of Ohio.

Miao Liu, the international program advisor for the School of Communication Studies coordinated the trip for the Chinese students and administrators. Throughout their two week visit, the students enjoyed a campus tour, shopping, a tour of the Record Courier news publication office, an excursion visit in Cleveland, a concert, classes within CCI such as Communication and Influence, Freedom of Speech and Principles of Public Relations, as well as classes in the department of English.

The students were very excited about the course work and everything else the School of Communication Studies had to offer.

“The School of Communication Studies has been so generous in so many aspects. From the hospitality to the classes we are taking, they have made it very enjoyable. The teachers are very friendly to us. They have given us a lot of guidance in the school.  Not to mention – the accommodations at Kent State Hotel! We had no idea about this place and they have offered a lot of help,” Xueying Song, who goes by the American name, Christine, said.

Although very different from China, the students agreed Ohio had much to enjoy including the unique black squirrels, the beautiful autumn trees near Taylor Hall and the friendly student body.

“The life here – it is like a postcard! People live in a very peaceful atmosphere. I really am enjoying it,” Mengyao Tian, otherwise known as Karen, said.

The students noted some major differences were evident when discussing Sichuan University in comparison to Kent State.

“In China, there are so many more people! There is so much different – the tall buildings, the transportation. While here, the tallest building is the library!” Yuhong Xia, whose family name translates to Summer, said.

They were all very interested in the individualistic nature of the United States:

“When taking classes in China, I think we are more concentrated on the group and sometimes you have to compromise for the group. The group connection makes me feel like a family. Here, I think there is a bit more emphasis on the individual,” Tian said.

Although class structure might be different, Jia Jia, whose name translates to the American name Jessica, recommended international students consider attending Kent State.

“Although we have only been here for two weeks – we have learned so much. Students and teachers here are amazing. Here, it seems you are free to openly express your mind and heart in any way.”
Xia explained that students in China aspire to come to America to study.

“They have the perception that the USA is very developed and has abundant resources,” she said. “We students work very hard for this. We learn English at a young age, obtain great GPAs and study very hard.”

The student delegates were very excited about their stay at Kent State and each agreed that they could not wait to visit again.

“Overall, the trip was extremely successful. The students and administrators had the opportunity to visit Kent State and learn about its environment,” Liu said. “We wanted the trip to be a good first step toward building a relationship with this university and expanding our international recruitment efforts.”


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Jowan M. Cole, marketing and PR intern