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Alternative Weekend Break

Cleveland Urban Plunge and Columbus Urban Plunge 

Occasionally, we offer weekend breaks with opportunities for community engagement and service. Work with community members, organizers, and leaders to better understand hunger, homelessness, gentrification and social equity. Here are a few examples of weekend breaks that we have offered:

Cleveland Urban Plunge

Our past fall Alternative Weekend Break has explored homelessness, hunger, and the impact of neighborhood gentrification in one of Cleveland's neighborhoods. Participants have helped with many different social service agencies serving the greater Cleveland area.


Columbus Urban Plunge

columbus Urban Plunge

The 'Human Trafficking Educational Immersion' is designed to inform participants about victims of human trafficking. Participants will connect with local non-profit organizations who work to rescue victims through increased public and law enforcement awareness and restore lives by providing social service support. Participants will learn about the collaborative community response to human trafficking in central Ohio through education, services, advocacy, and prosecution. 

Columbus Urban Plunge