What is the Plus-1 Credit?

The Experiential Learning Plus-1 Credit adds one credit to a course and provides students an opportunity to serve local community organizations and reflect upon the impact of the service on their academic experience.  The Plus-1 Credit is designed to give students a greater sense of community and encourage a greater appreciation of the course subject.


Is the Plus-1 Credit available to all students?

Yes, with faculty approval, the Plus-1 Credit is available to undergraduate students on all eight Kent campuses. Students will register for the Plus-1 Credit through the campus registrar’s office associated with their enrollment. 


Is there a limit to how many Plus-1 Credits a student can earn?

No, a student can enroll in the Plus-1 Credit course over multiple semesters; however, students can only apply the Plus-1 Credit to one course per semester.


Is there a cost involved with the Plus-1 Credit?

No, there is no additional cost to students enrolled in 11-17 credit hours. Yes, if you are an undergraduate student taking less than 12 hours or more than 17 hours.


Does the Plus-1 Credit meet an internship requirement?

No, an internship is an engaged experience in and of itself and may be a required in your major.  The Plus-1 Credit is an option for obtaining hands-on experiences.


What is the deadline for Plus-1 Credit applications?

Plus-1 credit applications are due by Thursday, the fourth week of the semester.


Does the faculty need to know that a student is earning a Plus-1 Credit?

Yes, the faculty of record must approve the Plus-1 credit application.

How do students apply?

Roadmap below provides a step-by-step process for completing the Plus-1 Credit:


  1. Pick up a Plus-1 Credit application from the Office of Experiential Education and Civic Engagement (OEECE) at 261 Schwartz or download the electronic application from the OEECE website.
  2. View Plus-1 Credit Handbook and informational video
  3. Contact the OEECE and course instructor to discuss potential course projects and to obtain signed application approval .
  4. Submit the instructor-approved Plus-1 Credit application by Thursday of the fourth week of classes to the OEECE via:

 a.    Email: community@kent.edu

 b.    Phone: 330-672-7876, or

 c.    Office: 261 Schwartz


Is the Plus-1 Credit available at the regional campuses?

Yes, all undergraduate Kent State University students can apply for the Plus-1 Credit with faculty approval. Students from regional campuses will follow the process outlined above. However, they will register through their campus registrars’ office.

Are students required to create a project or give a presentation?

The finished product maybe be completed through a variety of ways. Reflective activities are required however the final product will be determined by the faculty of record.


What is an example of something that would be acceptable for a Plus-1 Credit?

A student enrolled in a Health Behavior course decides to apply a Plus-1 Credit. One of the learning objectives is for students to gain an understanding of factors influencing negative health behavior. To facilitate this understanding, this student decides to serve with Happy Trails Animal Sanctuary assisting the organization in gaining a better perspective of the relationship between the home environment, animal abuse, and abandonment. This student serves Happy Trails as an intake worker. Then this student assists in compiling and analyzing the final data to create a report that will be used to increase public awareness. At the end of the experience, this student will submit a final reflection paper pertaining to their civic engagement opportunity, enhanced understanding of factors influencing negative health behavior, and their ability to address these issues. 

Is the Plus-1 Credit available for graduate students?

No, the Plus-1 Credit is only available to undergraduate students however graduate students seeking engaged learning experiences should feel free to contact the OEECE for support.