Community Partner: A relationship that brings communities and institutions together as equally cooperative and responsible partners that build upon the assets, strengths and capacities of each for the achievement of specific goals.

Framework for authentic community-higher education partnerships.

Three essential components:

  1. Quality processes that are relationship focused; open, honest and respectful; trust building; acknowledging of history; committed to mutual learning and sharing credit.
  2. Meaningful outcomes which are tangible and relevant to communities. For example: eliminating health disparities, affordable housing, education and economic development.
  3. Transformation at multiple levels that may included:
A. Personal transformation, including self-reflection and heightened political consciousness.
B. Institutional transformation, including changing policies and systems
C. Community transformation, including community capacity building
D. Transformation of science and knowledge, including how knowledge is generated, used and valued and what constitutes "evidence"
E. Political transformation, including social justice

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