COPI DocuSign Exemption Waiver

In order to cut down on the usage of paper and toner, the COPI Desktop Device Waiver Form is available using DocuSign.  The program has been approved as a authorized electronic signature capture platform.  Any user with an email address has the capability to log into DocuSign at Kent State University.

Download the COPI Desktop Device Waiver Form

Instructions to use:

Those seeking exemption (the initiator) should fill out their name and email, as well as, the name and email of their authorized supervisor.   Select the “Begin Signing” button.

Upon opening, check the box next to “I agree to use electronic records and signatures.”  And select 'Continue'. 

Fill in all mandatory “red” boxes & optional “gray” boxes as needed.  Attach any addendum or supporting documents to the form.  The documents will upload as an additional page to the form.

Select “Finish” when the form is complete; a notice will automatically generate to the authorized supervisor for signature. 

Send any backup documents or addendums as needed for support to

After the supervisor has signed, a notice will generate to the COPI Committee to review.  Forms are assessed semi-monthly; however, additional executive approval may need made on a case-by-case basis.  All signers will receive a final notice through email when the form is complete and ready to view.

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