Commuter Corner

Getting the most out of your commuter experience

  1. Talk to your professors. They can help with jobs, internships and your career path. They most likely have experience in the field you are majoring in. If not, they might know someone to refer you to.
  2. Give yourself extra time. Surprise problems can arise. Being late reflects poorly on you, whether it is for class, friends or a meeting.
  3. Have a money cushion. If possible, have extra money to fall back on. You don't need this to worry about on top of school.
  4. Maintain your vehicle. Take care of what you depend on to get to class. Learn how to do minor upkeep like fluids and brake pads. Learn how to change a tire for emergencies on the road.
  5. Slow down. Class, work or your meeting will be there. You may be a great driver, but not everyone around you is.
  6. Keep an emergency kit in your car. You might need just a bandage, but it's good to have a first aid kit.
  7. Keep extra clothes and necessities in case you can't get home one night.
  8. Be selfish. People will want you to do them favors. School is first, so you can't always say yes.
  9. Get involved. Make the most of your college experience. Attend events, shows, sports and meetings. This is a great way to meet people.
  10.  Share your concerns. If you have a suggestion or problem about commuting, let COSO know.


Just a friendly reminder that lockers are available in the Kent Student Center on the lower level. Please see the information desk on the ground floor for more information.

Study Spaces

Check out The Nest upstairs on the second floor of the Student Center. It is a quiet study area with comfortable chairs!

The Cyber Café in the lower level of the Kent Student Center is also available for students to play pool, watch television, work on a computer, study or just hang out.

The Eastway Center also has a lounge available right next to the Eastway Market on the first floor. Feel free to stop by, grab a bite to eat and get some reading done between classes.

The Fridge is a student co-working space on the second floor of the library. There's plenty of whiteboards and tables to work at. If the door is open, come on in! If not, you can apply for key access to get in at any time.