Hiroshi Yokoyama

Hiroshi Yokoyama

Chemical Physics
Director (LCI and CPIP)
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Prof. Yokoyama is a world expert in the field of liquid crystal physics with a focus on the surface properties. His primary research interests are in the areas of liquid crystals, surface and colloid science, organic thin films and scanning probe technology.Yokoyama received his Doctor of Engineering (1987) from the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Before joining the Liquid Crystal Institute, he was the director of Nanotechnology Research Institute (NRI), National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology(AIST). He joined the LCI staff in July 2009 as an Ohio Research Scholar and professor in the Chemical Physics graduate program. His research effort at the LCI will be associated with the recently funded by the State of Ohio’s Third Frontier Project entitled Research Cluster on Surfaces in Advanced Materials (RC-SAM). RC-SAM is the partnership of Kent State University, Case Western Reserve University, Youngstown State University, Alpha Micron, Inc., Cleveland Botanical Garden, CoAdna Photonics, Inc., Kent Displays, Inc., Kent Optronics, Inc., and LXD, Inc.


  • Doctor of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, 1987
    (Orientational Phenomena at Nematic Liquid Crystal Surfaces and their Applications)
  • MA Engineering, Physical Electronics, Tokyo Institute of Technology, 1979


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Research Areas
  • Liquid Crystals
  • Surface and Colloid Science
  • Organic Thin Films
  • Scanning Probe Technology



2011 - present   Director, Liquid Crystal Institute, Kent State University
2009 - present   Professor & Ohio Research Scholar, Liquid Crystal Institute, Kent State University
2008 - 2009   Chief Scientist, Nanotechnology Research Institute, AIST
2008 - 2008    Visiting Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
2004 - 2007   CTO, NanoSystem Solutions, Inc.
2004 - 2008   Director, Liquid Crystal NanoSystem Project, ERATO/SORST, JST
2001 - 2008   Director, Nanotechnology Research Institute, AIST
1999 - 2004   Project Director, Yokoyama Nanostructured Liquid Crystal Project, ERATO, JST
1996 - 2004   Visiting Professor, Tokyo University of Science
1992 - 2001   Chief, Molecular Physics Section, Supramolecular Science Division, Electrotechnical Laboratory
1992 - 1993   Visiting Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
1988   Senior Researcher, Electrotechnical Laboratory
1987 - 1988   Visiting Scientist, AT&T Bell Laboratories
1979   Researcher, Electronic Chemistry Section, Electrotechnical Laboratory


Soft Matter, engineering, nanofabrication, micro- and nano-optical devices, ultrafine inkjet technology, scanning probe microscopy, micro- and nano-structures in liquid crystals and soft matter, nanofabrication and nanocharacterization techniques using scanning probe and photonic effects, self-assembly, micro- and nano-bubbles and foam structures

Research Institutes and Initiatives

Advanced Materials and Liquid Crystal Institute, Brain Health Research Institute