Academic Services & Institutional Research

The Office of Academic Services & Institutional Research manages the following:

  • All assessment studies for KSUCPM, including statistical analysis and student outcomes.
  • The annual updating of academic policies in the KSUCPM section of the Kent State University catalog. Academic policy compliance. 
  • The clerkship and residency processes. This includes student and graduate advising, guidance on clerkship and senior medicine rotation selections, assistance with online clerkship rotation applications and the Centralized Application Service for Podiatric Residencies (CASPR), assisting students in gaining clearance and completing requirements for all clinical experiences, tracking of patient logs and rotation evaluations, and all other areas regarding clerkships, senior medicine and residency.
  • Finalization and distribution of third- and fourth-year clinical groups and rotation schedules. (Please note, students are randomly assigned to their clinical rotation groups. Switching of groups and/or rotations months is not permitted.) 
  • Manage clinical affiliation agreements.  
  • Clinical adjunct faculty appointments for medical professionals acting in a supervisory/educational role with KSUCPM students for a majority of their clinical experience during a specific rotation. 
  • The annual KSUCPM Residency Fair.
  • Grading of examinations and posting of grades in Blackboard.
  • External and internal surveys, including course and clinical rotation evaluations.
  • Student registration for all courses and clinical rotations.
  • APMLE Parts I, II, and III registration and outcomes analysis.
  • The retention of records for current and past students.
  • Leave of Absence procedures for current students.
  • The academic dismissal, academic appeal, student withdrawal and readmission application processes.
  • Enrollment and graduation verification requests.
  • Directly assist all academic divisions in exam creation, delivery and analysis. 


Rankings & Dean's List: 

  • At the conclusion of every semester, the Office of Academic Services & Institutional Research calculates rankings (based on cumulative grade point average) for each class year. Students are ranked by number and percentile. At the conclusion of the fourth-year summer, if there are multiple students ranked first, total points earned on all examinations during the entirety of the program will determine the students ranked first and second in the class.
  • Students who finish any fall or spring semester with a term grade point average of 3.500 or better without any failures will be placed on the dean's list. Students are not placed on dean's list for summer semesters or for any semesters in which only pass/fail courses or rotations are completed. 



  • David Putman, Director, Academic Services & Institutional Research / Analytics 
  • Jaclyn Macomber, Assistant Director, Academic Services & Institutional Research 
  • Karen Bozikis, Academic Services Assistant 
  • Michele Kuczmarski, Administrative Secretary 
  • Heidi Covan, Academic Administrative Assistant 


Ph: 216-643-8059
Fax: 216-447-0626
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.