CPM Mythbusters


The Kent State College of Podiatric Medicine is taking a moment to tackle recent “myths” and to settle any tall tales and urban legends that currently exist about financially supporting the college.

MYTH:  Giving to any other podiatric medical organization directly supports/impacts students at KSUCPM.

FACT: The Kent State University Foundation is the only organization that fundraises directly for the College of Podiatric Medicine.

MYTH: Funds given to the Kent State Foundation are used at will to support other areas of campus.

FACT: Gifts and pledges to KSUCPM are directed and restricted to specific areas of support that are chosen by the donor.  These funds are NOT used to support other areas at Kent State.  

MYTH: KSUCPM does not need any support from alumni and donors because they are now a part of a state university.

FACT: The average cost to attend Kent State’s College of Podiatric Medicine is $40,000 per year and 96% of students rely on financial aid.   



We hope that this clarifies any misconceptions that exist and encourages you to direct your gift to where it will be used appropriately, accurately and legally to support our podiatric medicine students, faculty and programs.

At Kent State, our strategic priority is to put Students First, and scholarships help students get from convocation to commencement. Any size gift makes an impact.

If you are interested in supporting the College of Podiatric Medicine or have any questions, please visit kent.edu/cpm/support today or contact us via email at priley6@kent.edu or at 6000 Rockside Woods Blvd. Independence, OH 44131.  Thank you for supporting our talented students!