Dates to Remember
Orientation: Tuesday, July 28, Wednesday, July 29, Thursday, July 30

White Coat Ceremony: POSTPONED

Start of Classes: Monday, August 3, 2020


Academic Schedule
Please click HERE to view the course schedule for Fall 2020. The "official" calendar will be released in each course syllabus. In addition, it will be loaded into a Google calendar that you can link to your own personal calendar. 


Course Delivery Methods

Please click here to view the e-mail sent by Dean Boike on July 9, 2020 regarding the delivery methods for Fall 2020 courses for M1 students. 


Textbooks, Supplies, Laptop Requirements and Programs to Download
Please Click HERE to view the recommended textbooks, supplies for anatomy lab and laptop requirements. In addition, please review the software or programs to download prior to orientation. While you will certainly need lab supplies, such as dissection kit, scrubs, disposable facial masks, etc., many students WAIT to purchase textbooks until they feel that the purchase is necessary. 


Added June 29, 2020: 

  • Due to the extra precautions to take place in lab settings, students will need to purchase a box of 50 surgical masks for use while in the anatomy lab. Additional PPE will be provided to you and discussed during orientation.