Frequently Asked Questions

Accessible Seating

ADA seating is available. Graduates can request ADA seating for guests when ordering their Commencement tickets online. University Ceremonies will reserve two seats for each special accommodation request (one for the guest, one for someone to accompany them). Special accommodations seating is limited therefore we are NOT able to seat entire families in this space. All guests must have a ticket to enter the ceremony hall.

Please Note: Wheelchairs are not provided for guests.

Alternate Viewing Locations

Seating will also be available in the lobby for guests with small children.  Guests will be able to view a live stream of the ceremony online.


Graduates will receive a ceremonial diploma cover on stage. Following the ceremony, graduates will exchange all regalia for their official diploma.

Doors Open

The doors will open approximately 60 minutes prior to the event. Doors will close at the start of the ceremony and will remain closed until the completion of the National Anthem.


An elevator is located in the main lobby. For assistance please see a member of the event staff.

Emergencies and Evacuation Procedures

In the event of a medical emergency or evacuation, please see a member of the event staff, usher or law enforcement official.


Commencement is a dignified event, fitting for the accomplishment you or your loved-one has achieved. Please show respect for everyone who has come to share in the experience. We ask that all noise-making devices (including cell phones and pagers) be turned off and that, when possible, guests remain seated during the ceremony, keeping chatter to a minimal level.

Length of Ceremony

Though the time varies depending on the length of speeches, it is safe to anticipate an hour and a half.

Picture and/or Videotape

Cameras which are hand-held, battery powered and operable from the guest's seat are permitted. Guests may  not stand in the aisles or in any other location within the auditorium for photo opportunities. Guests who cause a hazard, nuisance, or obstruct the view of others may be asked to desist or ejected by security.

Prohibited Items

Animals (other than those used as a service animal), Baby Strollers, Bags (larger than 14’x14), Laser Pointers, Noisemakers or Blow horns and Weapons of any kind.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited inside Cartwright Hall. Smoking is also defined to include any and all electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes.

Tam and Gown

Both the tam and gown are rented. Graduates will have time to take pictures with friends and family in the regalia, but they will need to return their tam and gown after the ceremony to receive their official diploma.

Special hooders need to return their regalia following the ceremony, as well.

Ticket Policy

All guests (including children 1 year and older) must have a ticket to enter the ceremony hall.  Tickets will not be printed on site. Each ticket is unique and cannot be scanned twice.

Please Note: Cartwright Hall does not have changing tables.


For additional graduation information or questions, please contact Lorie Evans