KSUCPM Boasts Inaugural Pre-Matriculation Program this Summer

In July 2018,  the OCPM foundation sponsored the first KSUCPM pre-matriculation program to our incoming first year students. Twenty-three students participated, and the feedback showed that it was a great success.

Pre-matriculation programs are a rising trend in medical schools to attempt to adequately prepare the student for the rigors of professional school1. More literature on the importance of metacognitive skills is emerging vs the emphasis of incoming academic characteristics(2).

This program utilized this research to implement workshops that focused on mindfulness, mindset, time management, concept mapping and evidence based cognitive learning skills that would have direct impact on performance in the first year of podiatry school. Mindfulness and reflective practice was an integral daily thread throughout the three-week program. Among the softer skills, our faculty invested a in teaching a large amount science content that will directly provide pre-matriculation students the “edge” in beginning their medical school career. This included medical terminology, biochemistry, genetics, embryology, cardiac and respiratory physiology, physical assessment and diagnosis, histology, neuro-endocrine physiology as well as anatomy. The clinical components was the highlight of the program, according to the students. This allowed the students a glimpse into the world of podiatric medicine and provided them the opportunity to work hands on through workshops in podiatric medical skills, patient interviewing as well as surgical skills.  

The learning and the science content worked side by side as the student was able to apply the learning skills directly to the newly acquired science knowledge. A science-based pre- and post-test was used for assessment purposes.

Among all the learning, students were also involved in extracurricular activities such as participating in an Escape Room Challenge, social gatherings at Edgewater Live, the Metroparks and culminating with a Lolly the Trolley tour of Cleveland.

Due to such great feedback, the program will continue in 2019 and is currently open to 40 applicants. If you would like to know more information about the program, or get involved in teaching and facilitating workshops, please contact Viveka Jenks at vjenks@kent.edu or 216-916-7479



1Heck, A. J., Gibbons, L., Ketter, S. J., Furlano, A., & Prest, L. (2017). A Survey of the Design of Pre-matriculation Courses at US Medical Schools. Medical Science Educator27(2), 229-236.

2 Heck, A. J. (2014). Students’ activities in a pre-matriculation course as a predictor of initial academic performance in medical school. Medical Science Educator24(3), 239-243.



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