Online Teaching and Learning

Our goal with this guide is to publish a comprehensive list of tools available for online course delivery at CPM. If you are looking for an overall Kent State guide to online teaching – please check the resources available at or contact the Online Teaching group at

Available Tools for Use

CPM’s available tools for online teaching are listed below along with a quick start guide to each. Other methods not listed here are acceptable provided they can generate a recording of the lecture in .mp4 format for eventual upload to Boxcast.

Guest lecturers will by default not have access to these tools, but they can be given rights to them through use of a Guest Account. Please visit to create the account. Course coordinators are responsible for creating these accounts with at least a few days advanced notice before these tools will be enabled for their guest lecturer. When asked about the type of Kent State email needed, selecting Exchange with Google Apps is vital to grant access to all tools.



Boxcast is a tried and true standard for online CPM education and serves as a central repository of our stored lectures. Many faculty might be familiar with how we livestream lectures given in person and publish the recordings online after the conclusion of class. In our new online environment, it is vital to consider additional details when choosing to lecture to an empty classroom and record.

All recordings must be scheduled in advance with CPM-IT before beginning. We will need to know the class you teach, the content you will be covering, what day the recording will occur, and what time you would like to start and stop recording. We have already prescheduled what is in your syllabus that we received at the beginning of the semester but will require advance notice to make changes. Questions on what recording slots are already scheduled? Check the Boxcast portal at

During your recording, CPM-IT’s student employees will be present and available remotely to check the fidelity of the stream including quality of the video and the audio. If an issue occurs, we will attempt to contact either you someone onsite to resolve the issue. Please be available by email during your lecture on the chance our department needs to reach you.


Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Blackboard features an online web conference software called Collaborate Ultra which can be used to host live sessions and receive questions and feedback from students which is currently not capable with a livestream from Boxcast. Please access your Blackboard course at to begin setting up a session.

From the Course Tools section underneath the Control Panel menu, select Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. Click Create Session and fill in the relevant details for the class session you wish to host. Ensure that you enable the ability to allow recording downloads so the recording can be submitted to Boxcast. There is no need to invite attendees as all students enrolled in the class will already have access to the session.

More information on the tools available in a Collaborate Ultra session is available at It is vital that you start the recording feature at the beginning of your session and stop it at the end. CPM-IT’s student employees will be on hand to remind that this feature gets used.

Once your session has concluded, please download the recording and submit it to CPM-IT for upload to Boxcast. More information on Recordings is available at


Microsoft Teams

Teams boasts an easy to use feature set for use with an online live teaching session which allows for interaction with students that a Boxcast recording does not permit. Access to it including its other employee specific features can be reached through the program that Kent has pushed to all Kent-owned devices or online through the web at Kent currently permits use of Teams on a personally owned device – please download the Teams app also available at the Teams website previously mentioned.

Information on scheduling a Teams meeting is available at We strongly encourage that meetings are scheduled using Outlook instead of the Teams app to ensure students can be quickly invited. Use of CPM’s class-wide student email groups function best when used in Outlook.

When it is time for your meeting to being and students click on the Join link, they will be presented with a choice to either download the Teams app or join on the web instead. As Kent currently does not provide Teams licenses to students, it is critical that you remind them to choose to join via the web. If they attempt to download the app, they will not be allowed to log in. More information on the content sharing tools in Teams is available at

Remembering to start recording the meeting at the beginning and stopping it at the end will be important to ensure we can post the content to Boxcast. CPM-IT’s student employees will be on hand to remind you to do so. After the meeting is concluded, the recording will be available in the chat record of the meeting. Please open the recording to download a copy and submit it to CPM-IT for inclusion on Boxcast.



Sometimes you might find a need to record a lecture at home to be posted to Boxcast. Camtasia is CPM’s preferred tool for accomplishing this. Camtasia may be found and installed by visiting After logging in and finding the Camtasia entry, you will be provided with a license key for your use. Download the Camtasia trial from After it is installed, enter the license key provided to you when asked to unlock the full version.

More information on using Camtasia and recording a video is available at When your video is finished, please export it to a File and select MP4. Submit the file to CPM-IT along with the class it belongs to for upload to Boxcast.

Accessing Files from Home

A variety of options are available for storing and accessing your files from home. We strongly recommend use of Google Drive to ensure that files are backed up and available from anywhere with an internet connection!

Usershare and Groupshare folders can be accessible from home using the Fortinet VPN. If using a Kent-owned device, visit After logging in with your Flashline credentials, search for the FortiClient VPN and choose to install it. Once installed, use your new VPN program to connect and your drives will then be accessible!

If you are using a personally owned device, please follow the same steps as above. Additionally, you will need to map the drives to reach them in a similar fashion to how you do at work. For assistance with mapping a drive please contact If you feel comfortable mapping a drive yourself, please contact us for the drive paths.