Pre-Matriculation Program

Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine’s Pre-Matriculation Program is an intensive one-week program designed to provide members of the Class of 2027 evidence-based strategies on learning skills and motivations for a successful medical school experience.  Students will learn how to navigate the volume, pace, and rigor of the curriculum at KSUCPM, while brushing up on pre-clinical science concepts. This program also provides the participants with an early opportunity to meet future faculty, make connections and orient oneself to the campus and surrounding area before the curriculum begins.

Details regarding the Pre-Matriculation Program will soon be finalized for the Class of 2027. All students who accept the offer of admittance to KSUCPM are eligible to apply to the Pre-matriculation program.

Please note that the dates have changed from what was released initially in the below video.



You can contact Viveka Jenks at for more information.