Pre-Matriculation Program

Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine’s Pre-Matriculation Program is an intensive one week course (July 18-22, 2022) designed to provide members of the Class of 2026 an extensive basic science preparation and to the demands of the first year medical school curriculum. Students will learn how to navigate the volume, pace and rigor of the curriculum at KSUCPM, while brushing up on pre-clinical science concepts.

The Pre-Matriculation program will be presented by faculty members and educational specialists to help students to master high yield anatomy concepts and essential strategies such as time management, success strategies and evidence-based learning skills. 

More detailed information will be provided upon application.


  • Classes will be offered on campus with some days being online instruction.
  • 8:30am - 3pm
  • All sessions will be instructed by KSUCPM faculty, staff and upperclassmen.


Learning skills
Self assessments
Time Management
Self-regulated learning
Medical Terminology
Interactive practice sessions (flipped classroom)
Basic Sciences
The pituitary gland
Upper extremity anatomy
Lower extremity anatomy
Nervous system
Wellness practices
Exercise / Nutrition
Life Story Presentations
Reflective Practice
...and many fun, social activities.

Registration Process:

Only students admitted into the KSUCPM Class of 2026 and accept the offer of admission may register for participation in the Pre-Matriculation Program. Admitted students who do not have a strong background in the medical sciences are encouraged to register.

You will receive a confirmatory email once your registration has been received and reviewed.

Students who register for the Pre-Matriculation program should be made aware that your AACPMAS application and all other data included as part of the application will be shared with the KSUCPM Pre-Matriculation Committee.

To register for this program, please complete this application: REGISTRATION is now open

Application Deadline - June 24, 2022

Additional Information:

  • There is no cost to attend this program
  • There are no scholarships or grants provided to attend this program
  • This program occurs before a student officially begins classes at KSUCPM, so no financial aid will be provided until the regular disbursement date scheduled to coincide with the start of classes (Typically late July/early August; Exact date will be announced by the Financial Aid office in summer 2022)


For more information about the KSUCPM Pre-Matriculation Program, please contact Viveka Jenks, Education Innovations & Learning Design Manager, at or 216-916-7479.