3342-7-06 University policy regarding student fee refunds.

(A)       Policy statement. A student who withdraws from all classes or drops one or more courses not later than the first day of classes for the semester may obtain full refund of fees paid or an adjustment of fees billed. A student is not considered withdrawn until the withdrawal application is received in the appropriate university office, as detailed in the schedule of classes bulletin. Withdrawal notices sent to any other office of the university are not valid. The portion of fees refundable is determined by the date on which the completed withdrawal or drop form is received in the appropriate office. A student who has not paid registration or housing fees and fails to withdraw from the university and/or residence hall will continue to be liable for the fees assessed.

(B)       Requirements. The refund and forfeiture schedule applies to university withdrawals or course withdrawals. The percentages apply to the fees assessed for the courses from which a student withdraws. Below are the withdrawal and drop dates with their respective percentages of assessment refundable:

   (1)       Prior to the first day of classes, one hundred per cent;

   (2)       Entire first week of classes, one hundred per cent;

   (3)       Second week of classes, eighty per cent;

   (4)       Third week of classes, sixty-five per cent;

   (5)       Fourth week of classes, sixty per cent;

   (6)       After the end of the fourth week of classes no refunds will made. 

(C)       Operational procedures.

   (1)       All balances due to the university as a result of other obligations will be deducted from the amount to be refunded for course withdrawals.

   (2)       All fees are refunded by the bursar's office. No fees are refunded until thirty days have elapsed from the date of withdrawal, drop of courses, or until thirty days after the beginning of the semester or             summer session. Students who withdraw from laboratory classes must return laboratory equipment before fees will be refunded.

   (3)       If fees are paid under mistake of law or fact, they are returnable in full.

   (4)       A comparable prorated refund schedule is calculated individually for summer sessions and other irregular terms.

Effective: June 1, 2007 Prior Effective Dates: November 4, 1977; September 13, 1979; February 15, 1980; March 16, 1983; October 14, 1992; September 20, 2005