Student ID & Parking Pass

Student ID - FLASHcard

The FLASHcard is your Kent State University ID card and more. Your card will let you take materials out of the Kent State libraries, access services such as Student Recreation & Wellness Center and athletic events, and purchase goods and services both on and off campus. If you have a food plan, you will use your FLASHcard to purchase meals in our dining halls.
Follow the instructions to obtain your FlashCard. 

Get your FlashCard.

Parking Permit

KSUCPM issues parking permits to all students who will be driving a vehicle and parking on campus. We would encourage you to complete the KSUCPM parking registration form prior to arriving on campus for orientation, as it takes a few days to process. 

Please note that you will need your Flashline information to log-in and register your vehicle. You will be asked to include information about your car, including make, model, license plate number and vehicle owner. 

To access the below form, you will need to be signed into your Kent State account (and not another Gmail or Google account) or access will be restricted. 

Register Here: KSUCPM Parking Registration 

Note: Leave the Decal Number and Date Issued Blank. If you do not know your new address in Northeast Ohio, you may use your "home" address. 


The deadline for both Student ID and Parking Permit is July 22nd, 2022.