Student Organizations

KSUCPM offers several student organizations, fraternities, and sports clubs to serve the student population. You will be able to learn more about and join clubs in the Fall.  

Student organizations, fraternities, and clubs are subject to the college policies. The Office of Student Services has the right to review and revoke the privilege to continue as a recognized chapter of any organization or fraternity. You may find a full listing of organizations on the KSUCPM website. Below is a description of some of the student organizations, fraternities, and honor societies:  


American Association of Women in Podiatry (AAWP)

AAWP attempts to provide support and an informational network, that addresses the special needs of women podiatry students.  Membership is open to all students.  The group provides guest speakers, including local members of the profession.  


American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS)

This organization provides opportunities for students to gain more information and exposure to the practice aspects of surgery.  Activities include various special labs and guest lecturers.  


American Podiatric Medical Students’ Association (APMSA)

The American Podiatric Medical Students’ Association is composed of all dues-paying students in good standing regardless of race, creed, color, religion, or sex, enrolled in schools of podiatric medicine. By virtue of enrollment at a college of podiatric medicine, all students are members of the Association. APMSA functions to provide a forum to discuss problems, to further the profession of podiatry on a national level, and to establish the means for obtaining desired goals.  


Ohio Podiatric Medical Student Association (OPMSA)

The Kent State University Podiatric Medical Student Association is an affiliate of the American Podiatric Medical Student Association. The Association is governed by a president, a president-elect, and an executive board, which coordinates all facets of student activities, including local and national affairs, business administration, clinic management, public information, and extracurricular activities.  The elected and appointed representatives of the OPMSA serve on many administrative committees at the college.  Each year, OPMSA provides the student body with a lecture series, social events, and a senior yearbook.  On the national level, OPMSA represents the students from the college in all academic and national affairs concerning the profession of podiatric medicine.  


Podiatric Association for Diabetes (PAD)  

The objectives of this club are to enhance podiatric medical education by providing seminars in diabetic care, management of diet, and weight control, and to work with the American Diabetes Association (ADA) to educate the community on diabetes, to provide early prevention and intervention of diabetic complications, as well as to provide additional practice in the treatment of diabetes.  


Sports Medicine Club

This organization sponsors lectures on sports medicine, participates in local athletic events, and promotes good athletic training.  


Student National Podiatric Medical Association (SNPMA)

The Kent State University Chapter of the Student National Podiatric Medical Association represents the interests of minority students, including American Indians, Blacks, Asians, and Spanish surname students.  SNPMA works toward disseminating information regarding podiatric medicine to minority and ethnic sections of the local community. The association helps in the recruitment and retention of qualified ethnic minority students at KSUCPM. SNPMA provides information regarding podiatric medicine to local and national ethnic minority health organizations.


Healthy Minds and Soles Association

Slogan: Healthy Minds and Soles are the goals. Podiatric Medicine and Mental Health Presentation Series Develop Healthy Minds and Soles Newsletter Podiatric Pathology and Patient Mental Health Research Patient Interaction and Mental Health Skills Development Workshops  


KSUCPM Global Brigades Club

This is a global organization providing students the opportunity to go on medical-related service trips and gain hands-on experience with Physicians, Pharmacists, Community Health Workers, and more.  There will be a telemedicine option where they will provide students with the same experience and hands-on opportunities.  


Global Podiatry – KSUCPM

Global Podiatry aims to provide an opportunity for KSUCPM students to participate in lectures and extracurricular events with podiatric physicians and aspiring podiatrists on an international level in order to progress forward.  


Podiatric Surgery Studios  

Students make videos of surgeries from Western Reserve. 


Kappa Tau Epsilon (KTE)

Kappa Tau Epsilon is an active fraternity that provides special lectures and programs for podiatric medical students. The fraternity sponsors many outside activities, both social and professional, to provide as many experiences for its members as possible while they are students at the college.  


Pi Delta National Honor Society – Beta Chapter

Pi Delta National Honor Society — Beta Chapter Pi Delta is the National Podiatric Honor Society demonstrating high standards of intellectual and scholarly activity.  A student may become a candidate for active membership in the Pi Delta Honor Society and participate in chapter activities and meetings who:

  • Has a grade point average of at least 90 percent (3.6/4.0) or its equivalent.
  • Is in the top 20 percent of his/her class.
  • Has completed a minimum of two years of scholastic work applicable toward the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree.
  • Possesses an aptitude for achievement in the art and science of podiatric medicine.
  • Possesses high moral character.
  • Demonstrates leadership ability.