Virtual Interview: Student Panel

Meeting and interacting with current KSUCPM medical students is one our favorite aspects of a candidates visit and interview on campus. Our students provide the best insight and perspective about what life is like as a Kent State student. From advice about classes or where to live or which local restaurant makes the best grilled cheese sandwich, our students have you covered. 

The college will be offering a Virtual Student Panel for those candidates who elect to interview remotely for a seat in the Class of 2027. (Students interviewing in-person will experience a student panel as part of their interview day on campus and WILL NOT participate in this virtual option.) This virtual panel will allow you to interact with a variety of Kent State students to learn more about why they chose podiatric medicine and why they chose to pursue their DPM degree at Kent State University. KSUCPM students will drive the online discussion so Class of 2027 candidates can discover more about the curriculum, resources, and culture at the University, as well as learn more about the Independence area, and the city of Cleveland. 

The Student Panel will be conducted through Microsoft Teams. This will also provide you with a chance to get to try out this format prior to your interview. KSUCPM will send you an invite for the panel with a link to join. While the student panel is not mandatory, applicants are strongly encouraged to attend and maintain the same level of professionalism you would exhibit throughout the interview process.