Florence Summer Institute 2024: Special Courses Focused on Mental Health, Emotions and Cognition

Florence Summer Institute Session 2: July 1- July 25, 2024

Mental Health in Florence: A Public Health Approach (PH 40195/ HPM 60195)

Deric Kenne, PhD (dkenne@kent.edu)

This course will provide a broad overview of mental health from a public health perspective. The course will broadly cover the nature of mental health disorders, methods and assessment relevant to public mental health, descriptive epidemiology, mechanisms of risk, the behavioral healthcare system and prevention. The course will utilize the public mental health approach in learning about and developing interventions meant to improve the mental health and wellness of the population of Florence.

Cognition of Conversation, Miscommunication & Learning (SPA 44089 & EPSY 5/70093)

Jennifer Roche, PhD (jroche3@kent.ed)

Communication is as much about successful communication as it is about miscommunication. One of the richest aspects of traveling is learning about ourselves and new cultures through interaction —which often happens from miscommunications and cultural differences. Therefore, this course will provide you with knowledge that drives our understanding of the theoretical foundations of cognition, communication, miscommunication, and learning. We will learn about the importance of ambiguity and reference to promote learning through communication and miscommunication. Content learned in this course will increase students interests in communication and cognition, but will also provide insight about how to be better communicators in personal and global communication settings.

Emotions, Culture & Health (PSYC 41495)

Jennifer Taber, PhD (jtaber1@kent.edu)

Emotions are central in all psychological and many physiological processes. Moreover, emotions are robustly evident in daily life in both culture and in health. In this class, we will investigate the science of emotions and health as well as the broader role that emotions play in society. In particular, we will participate in a century-old yet still pressing debate as to the underlying nature of emotion: biological vs. cultural. We will discuss evolutionary and socio-cultural models of emotion as well as observe emotions elicited and expressed in both art and society. Our primary goal: to attempt to resolve this debate based on evidence accumulated throughout the course.


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