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Human Resource Management

We can provide fee based professional technical assistance to those local governments and nonprofits seeking an evaluation of current practices, and make recommendations for improvement in the Human Resource (HR) function.

Technical Assistance Services Offered:

  • Hiring Procedures- Need help in updating your hiring procedures, selecting a new employee or department head?  We can make recommendations on hiring procedures or assist you in searching for and hiring a new manager or employee.
  • Interviewing- If you are searching for a new administrator, department head or employee, we can assist you in the interviewing process.
  • Job Descriptions- These are often forgotten about but can be critically important for discipline, termination, grievances and promotions.  It is recommended that job descriptions be kept up to date and regularly reviewed for accuracy.
  • Compensation and Benefits Plan Analysis- Want to know how you organization compares with others in the area?  We can perform a comparability study of compensation and or benefits provided to your employees and offer comparisons for your review.
  • Employee Handbooks – Often, Employee Handbooks can be outdated.    We can provide updated sections to bring the manual into compliance with current professional personnel practice requirements.
  • Policies and Procedures Manuals – Any organization can benefit from an independent review of its policies and procedure manuals.  Outdated policies are a frequent cause of problems and grievances within organizations.
  • Performance Evaluation and Performance Management Systems- Has the same performance appraisal system been in place for years? Has it become something to be served rather than serving the organization and its future development?  We can review your current system and make recommendations on making your systems more in sync with "best practices" in this area.
  • Survey- Need an independent party to survey your employees or your citizens?  We have the resources and capabilities to conduct surveys.

Testing Services
If you are going to be hiring or promoting within your organization,consider our Testing services.  We offer the testing services of IPMA-HR for both entry and promotional level.  Our written promotional tests help determine candidates' ability for supervisory and managerial positions.  Hiring skilled professionals is a challenge today, and using our selection methods can bring you closer to finding the very best in candidates.  Testing service we can provide through our membership with IPMA-HR include:
  • Public Safety (Police and Fire) Entry level and Promotional testing
  • Written Tests for other positions in local government.
  • Custom tests can be assembled for positions in local government or nonprofits.

    How Governments and Non-Profits Can Benefit from These Services
    With this unique service, your organization will benefit from professional technical assistance backed by the experience and expertise of the Center for Public Administration and Public Policy.


    Having Kent State University's Center for Public Administration and Public Policy assist your organization with our HR support services is a cost effective way to achieve compliance with contemporary HR standards and requirements
    How Does it Work?
    After deciding what services are needed, your organization should contact the Center for Public Administration and Public Policy at Kent State University, telephone: (330) 672-7148.  Based on a written request describing the desired services, a proposal with costs will be prepared and sent to you.