Services We Provide

  • Public Policy and Administration Research

  • The CPPH produces professional and peer-reviewed research related to a variety of public policy and administration subject areas. Professional research products are often produced through work CPPH completes for outside entities, such as foundations, other non-profits, and government entities. The Center’s peer-reviewed work often builds on the foundational work produced for professional audiences. CPPH’s recent peer-reviewed products have appeared in the American Journal of Public Health, Society and Natural Resources, and the International Journal of Water Governance. 

  • Evaluation Research

  • Program and policy evaluation research are a key component of the center's work. The CPPH conducts evaluations of public health policies, programs, interventions and health care and social service systems in an effort to improve their efficacy and efficiency. This includes small- and large-scale evaluations at federal, state and community levels that seek to improve the general well-being of individuals and communities. Substance Abuse Research Program Director, Dr. Deric Kenne, Center Director, Dr. John Hoornbeek,  and other Kent State College of Public Health faculty and staff members, conduct program evaluation related projects and research in a variety of subject areas.

  • Technical Assistance

  • Technical Assistance provides management and leadership assistance that strives to improve efficiency and service delivery through a collective focus on applied research and proven decision-making techniques. Our staff and affiliates have led council-staff retreats, implemented performance management systems, formulated economic development strategies, wage and salary surveys, conducted management reviews and helped improve service delivery processes. We're committed to delivering the best possible solution to our clients, in the governmental and nonprofit sectors.