BS Concentrations

The Bachelor of Science program also includes four optional concentrations, which essentially replace the CS electives with specified courses.

  • The Data Engineering concentration prepares students to perform the data analysis and modeling needed by organizations and to process structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data using statistical and semantic analysis techniques to meet their employers’ needs.
  • The Game Programming concentration provides students with a solid understanding of the algorithms, techniques and software used to construct interactive virtual environments. Students work in teams with content specialists and artists to develop the teamwork skills required in this multidisciplinary field, which includes a range of opportunities, from the game industry to education to training design.
  • The Cybersecurity concentration prepares students to meet the security needs of industry and government through coursework that provides a thorough understanding of security, privacy and cryptographic techniques and protocols used in computing and communication.
  • The Robotics and Embedded Systems concentration prepares students to work with devices that combine hardware and software. Such devices include robots and most high tech mechanical devices like cars, planes, farm equipment and construction equipment.

This diagram gives a quick overview of the four optional concentrations and how they replace the CS electives.