Computer Engineering

The Computer Engineering concentration prepares students to meet the need for computer engineering professionals in the industry to design and manage emerging smart devices and computer integrated physical systems with programmable intelligence.  Students learn the hardware-software co-design principles and theory, architecture of the associated software and hardware, devices and sensors communication protocols and the interfaces to effectively design, build, and evolve such smart devices and computer-driven intelligent physical systems. 

This concentration requires four of the following courses:

  • CS 53301  Software Development for Robotics
  • CS 53302 Algorithmic Robotics
  • CS 53303 Internet of Things
  • CS 53305  Advanced Digital Design
  • CS 53334 Human-Robot Interaction
  • CS 63201 Advanced Operating Systems
  • CS 63304  Cluster  Computing
  • CS 63305  Multicore Computing
  • CS 63306  Embedded Computing
  • CS 65101  Advanced Computer Architecture
  • CS 65202  Advanced Communication Networks
  • CS 65203  Wireless and Mobile Communication Networks
  • CS 65301  System Modeling and Performance Evaluation

Research Labs in Computer Engineering

  • Immersive Computing for Touch Lab - Dr. Kwangtaek Kim
  • Parallel and Distributed Computing Lab - Dr. Gokarna Sharma
  • Artificial Intelligence Lab - Dr. Arvind Bansal
  • Computer Graphics and Visualization Lab - Dr. Ye Zhao
  • Computer Vision and Image Processing Lab - Dr. Cheng Chang Lu
  • Distributed Systems Lab - Dr. Mikhail Nesterenko
  • Capstone/Drone Programming Lab - Dr. Gus Samba
  • Media Net Lab - Dr. Javed I. Khan
  • Networking and Communication Lab - Dr. Hassan Peyravi
  • Software Development Lab - Dr. Jonathan Maletic
  • Telerobotics Lab - Dr. Jong-Hoon Kim
  • Smart Education Lab - Dr. Angela Guercio