General Information

Graduate Student Email List

The Department of Computer Science maintains an email list that is used to contact all graduate students when necessary. It is required that every CS graduate student sign up for this email list.

To sign up, send an email to with the word "subscribe" as the only content in your email. The server will acknowledge that you have successfully signed up for the list by sending you an email confirmation. It is your responsibility to make sure the email address is working properly. Your email address will be removed from the list without a notice if email bounces more than a certain tolerance threshold. Should you ever need to remove yourself to the list, send email to the same address with the world "unsubscribe" followed by the email address you used to sign up for the email list.

To send an email to everyone on the list, send email to This list should only be used for official communications, or for messages that are really appropriate to send to all graduate students. Do not use this email list to send out amusing stories, etc.


Upon entering our program students should choose an Academic Advisor. You should meet with this person for advice on taking courses and departmental procedures. If there is a particular faculty member you would like to work with, you may request an appointment with them for advising. The Advisor Selection Form can be found on the Forms page.

You need determine a research advisor to oversee your Thesis, Project, or Dissertation research.

Advice for Post-Undergraduates

Students who have not met most of our Admission Requirements and plan to enter to the graduate program should take the minimal required courses, in consultation with a CS academic advisor, and then apply when they have met all (or perhaps all but one) of the requirements.

One way to meet these requirements is to apply to Kent State as a Post-undergraduate Student, take those courses (and possibly their prerequisite courses as well), and then apply for admission to the Master's program during the semester when the last courses are being taken.

Students must have successfully completed course work equivalent to: Discrete Structures for CS (CS 23022), Calculus I (MATH 12002), Calculus II (MATH 12003), and Linear Algebra (MATH 21001).

In computer science, students are required to have successfully completed coursework equivalent to: CS I: Programming and Problem Solving (CS 23021), CS II: Data Structures and Abstraction (CS 23022), Computer Architecture (CS 35101), Operating Systems (CS 33211), and Algorithm Design & Analysis (CS 46101).