M.A. Degree Progam

Master of Arts

The Master of Arts degree in Computer Science enables students with a bachelor's degree from another area to enter the many fields that require both computer science skills and skills gained in the student's prior studies. The program requires no prior computer science training and covers a breadth of knowledge in advanced computer science topics that can also be used to solve problems in the field of the student's bachelor's degree.

Like the Master of Science (M.S.), the Master of Arts (M.A.) program requires a total of 32 graduate-level credit hours in Computer Science. Of the 32 required credit hours, three 4-credit courses provide background in computer science, and 15 credits of computer science electives provide flexibility. In general, the degree requires four semesters to complete as shown in the MA Timeline at the bottom of this page.

Program Requirements

The formal program requirements are listed in the University Catalog, but in summary, students must complete 32 credit hours of Computer Science graduate courses, with at most 12 credit hours at the 50000 level.  The 32 credits required include 4 credit hours of CS 61002 Algorithms and Programming I, 4 credit hours of CS 61003 Algorithms and Programming II, 4 credit hours of CS 61004 Operating Systems and Architecture, 2 credit hours of CS 69191 Master's Seminar, 3 credit hours of CS 69098 Research, and a Master's Plan of Work.

Of the remaining 15 credit hours of Computer Science electives, a student may take at most 12 credit hours at the 50000 level and at most 6 credit hours of 60000 level courses outside of computer science (courses which must be approved by the student's advisor and the Graduate Coordinator.).

Candidates for the Master of Arts degree are also required to enroll for three credit hours of CS 69098 Research under the direction of a graduate faculty member and to develop a Master’s Project. A Master’s Project committee must be formed that includes the advisor and at least two other graduate faculty members. The committee and project topic must be approved by the Graduate Coordinator. The student must present and defend the project to the committee.

Degree Diagrams and Brochures