Master's Programs

The Department offers courses, curriculum, and research leading to a Master of Science (M.S.) and a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Computer Science. Dr. Hassan Peyravi is the CS Graduate Coordinator and Advisor to graduate students.  Additional information on our graduate program can be obtained by e-mailing questions to

Both the Master of Science (M.S.) or Master of Arts (M.A.) program require a total of 32 graduate-level credit hours in computer science (courses outside CS must be approved by the advisor and Graduate Coordinator).  Of the 32 required credit hours, 12 credit hours should consist of one course each from 4 of the 5 categories available.  You can find the timeline here.

The student must develop a Master’s Plan of Work that is approved by the advisor and Graduate Coordinator. The Plan of Work must ensure that the student completes one course each from 4 of the 5 categories. The Plan of Work must be filled out and submitted to the Graduate Coordinator within one year of entrance to the program, but can later be modified with approval from the advisor and Graduate Coordinator.

Students will have the option to change tracks only once prior to the last semester of their residency in the program, provided they fulfill all the requirements for that option. Students who take research courses cannot transfer them to non-thesis option track. Students who fail one option cannot use the alternative option for graduation.

Combined B.S. / Masters Program

The Combined B.S./Master's Program allows undergraduate computer science students early admission into graduate school. Students in a combined program may begin taking graduate courses before completing their Bachelor's degree.