M.S. Degree Program

Master of Science

The Master of Science degree programs in Computer Science provides students with an educational and research environment to develop career paths through necessary training with emerging technologies. Graduates have the technical knowledge and skills necessary for success within the information and high-technology industries. Students who are seeking academic careers or positions in research and development may choose to complete a thesis instead of selecting a concentration.

Program Requirements

Programs leading to a Master of Science (M.S.) degree consist of 32 credits and may be arranged in three concentrations and two tracks (thesis and non-thesis). Among the 32 credits required, 12 credit hours are required for breadth in computer science, while 18 credit hours provide electives and options for a thesis or concentration.

  1. Maximum 12 credit hours can be at 50000-level.
  2. Choose one course each from four out of five categories in Selective Courses.

Master of Science Thesis Option

Candidates for the Master of Science with a thesis option must successfully complete 24 credit hours of graduate courses in CS, of which at least ten credit hours must be at the 60000 level, and only 12 credit hours can be at the 50000 level. In addition, two credit hours of the Master's Seminar (CS 69191) are required. Only three credit hours of Research (CS 69098) may be counted toward the degree. However, students are permitted to take this course multiple times. Culminating experience for the MS thesis pathway is original research, writing, and successfully defending a Master's thesis for which six credit hours are earned in Thesis I (CS 69199) and Thesis II (CS 69299).

Thesis Steps (See Deadlines)

Application for Graduation

All students must apply for graduation. The process is entirely online and accessible through FlashLine.

Thesis and Dissertation Templates