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6/6/2022:  Read all about Computer Science Doctoral student Racheal Mukisa who has been awarded The American Association of University Women 2021-2022 International Fellowship!  Congratulations, Racheal!  

6/6/2022:  Congratulations to student Jin Woo Kim.  His paper, "Immersive Haptic Interface Simulating Skin Biopsy for Dermatological Skill Training," has been awarded the BEST STUDENT FULL ACADEMIC PAPER at the International Conference of iLRN2022!  Jin Woo is a student studying with Computer Science faculty Dr. Kwangtaek Kim.

5/17/2022:  Congratulations to KSU Computer Science student Justin Dannemiller who is the recipient of a NASA Ohio Space Grant Consortium scholarship! Justin is an undergraduate research working in Dr. Jong-Hoon Kim's ATR lab.  He has been working on the robot vision system for the TeleBot-3R project.  This scholarship will help him concentrate on his research.

"The Ohio Space Grant Consortium is a statewide network of colleges and universities working to expand opportunities for Ohioans to understand and participate in NASA’s aeronautics and space projects by supporting and enhancing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) through scholarships, fellowships, higher education, research infrastructure, pre-college (K-12), and informal education public outreach efforts"  

2/2/2022:  In December of 2021, the ATR_Kent Team (Advanced Telerobotic Lab) was awarded the Distinguished Paper Award in the Disaster Robotics Category (Remote Participation) in the World Robot Summit (WRS).  The cash prize will help them enhance their ongoing project!  The team is led by Dr. Jong-Hoon Kim, professor and director of the ATR Lab.  Team participants include students Irvin Cardenas, Saifuddin Mahmud, Alfred Shaker, Marcus Arnett, Stefan Hendricks, Naomi Wang, Nate Kanyok, Redwanul Haque Sourave, Sara Roman, Daniel Maher, and Kody RichardsonCongratulations, All!

8/2021: Congratulations to PhD student Betis Behari on the publication of his paper, QuGan:  A Quantum State Fidelity based on Generative Adversarial Network which has been accepted by the IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE) 2021.  QCE is the flagship quantum computing conference.  Betis studies under Dr. Qiang Guan.

7/2021: Congratulations to Master's student Jacob Tronge on the publication of his paper BeeSwarm:  Enabling Parallel Scaling Performance Measurement in Continuous Integration for HPC Applications by the 36th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE), one of the top three software conferences.  Jacob studies under Dr. Qiang Guan.

7/2021: to student Joseph Oglio and co-author Kendric Hood whose paper, Byzantine Geoconsensus, was awarded Best Student Paper in the 9th International Conference on Networked Systems (NETYS) 2021!  Co-authors also include Gokarna Sharma and Mikhail Nesterenko.

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