CS Colloquium 3/14/2012 "Big Data in Health Care: The Next Frontier in Clinical Research, Study Trial"

Big Data in Health Care: The Next Frontier in Clinical Research, Study TrialRecruitment, and Quality Assessment.

Big Data in Health Care: The Next Frontier in Clinical Research, Study Trial Recruitment, and Quality Assessment

Dr. Jason R. Gilder
3:45 P.M. - 5:00 P.M., March 14th 2012, 228 MSB

Abstract: Clinical data has always driven innovation and discovery in health care. Clinical datasets can be used to facilitate research, assist in the recruitment of patients for clinical trials, and allow health care systems to assess the quality of their delivery of care. Traditional clinical data models are no longer sustainable. Clinical, operational, and claims data can be combined to provide a complete clinical picture across a variety of care settings. Previous technological barriers have been broken to allow for data to be stored and processed at a much larger scale. Clinical data leveraged from a multitude of sources facilitate faster and more reliable research and discovery. Founded in 2009, Explorys has developed the world's most scalable platform for BIG DATA exploration and visualization, data aggregation, analytics, measurement, and population management. Our customers span 10 major integrated healthcare systems with over 40 billion data elements, 13 million cared-for-lives, 75 hospitals, and hundreds of ambulatory venues across the United States.

Bio: Jason R. Gilder, Ph.D. is the Director of Informatics at Explorys, Inc. Explorys is a cloud-based computing platform for the storage and analysis of patient data across several integrated delivery networks. He manages the standardization, normalization, and quality of the data in the system. He leads the research and development within Explorys and supports the efforts of outside medical researchers. Jason has more than 10 years of professional Bioinformatics software development experience. He helped start Forensic Bioinformatics in 2002, where he evaluated forensic DNA data in more than 900 criminal cases. He also developed new standards for forensic DNA analysis and has published in the field.

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Dr. Jason R. Gilder