Professor's Grants, Papers, Awards, and Honors

9/7/2022: Congratulations to Professor Qiang Guan who received multiple NSF (National Science Foundation) grants over the summer!  Titles  of the four grants are:  1.) OAC Core:  Interpretable Resilience Analysis Platform for Scientific Workflow Applications;  2.) Cyber Training:  Implementation: Small: Interactive and Integrated Training for Quantum Application Developers Across Platforms; 3.) Collaborative Research:  PPoSS: Planning: Software Stack for Scalable Heterogeneous NISQ Cluster; and 4.) Collaborative Research: PPoSS: Planning: Sotftware Stack for Scalable Heterogeneous NISQ Cluster.

2/2/2022:  In December, 2021, Computer Science Professor Feodor Dragan gave an opening plenary talk at the conference MGT 2021 on Metric Graph Theory in Marseille, France.  The objective of the MGT 2021 Conference was to bring together researchers interested in the study of combinatorial, algorithmic, geometric, and topological structure of graphs occurring in metric graph theory and related fields such as geometric group theory, concurrency theory, or combinatorial optimization.

9/28/2021: Congratulations to CS Professor Dr. Jonathan I. Maletic, Bowling Green State University faculty Dr. Michael J. Decker (KSU PhD 2017), and University of Akron faculty Dr. Michael L. Collard (KSU PhD 2004) for their paper Lightweight Transformation and Fact Extraction with the srcML Toolkit (published 2011), which has been awarded the MOST INFLUENTIAL PAPER at the International Work Conference on Source Code Analysis & Manipulation 2021!

9/7/2021:  CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Kwangtaek Kim on his National Science Foundation Award in support of his research project Bimodal Haptic-Mixed Reality (HMR) Needle Insertion Simulation for Hand-Eye Skills.  The $850,000 award includes Co-Principals Dr. Robert Clements and Dr. Jeremy M. Jarzembak.  "This is an interdisciplinary research project funded from the NSF to develop an immersive tactile IV needle insertion training system needed for training nursing professionals and students.  Faculty members from four departments including computer science, college of nursing, biological sciences, and psychology are teamed up to create a novel and innovative learning environment using haptic and mixed reality."

8/2021: Professor Arvind Bansal delivered a keynote speech in the Tenth International Conference in Intelligent Systems and Applications (Intelli 21) held in Nice, France and Virtually in July 2021 (website:


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