Optional Concentration for Graduate Students: Computational Data Science

The Computational Data Science concentration prepares students to process big data. In a spectrum of real-world applications, the collected data (from such sources as mobile devices, GPS, sensor/RFID networks, Internet, social media, etc.) is so large and complex, the traditional data processing tools cannot efficiently and effectively handle it. This concentration focuses on algorithms development, machine learning, computation techniques, network and computing infrastructure and software.

Computational Data Science Courses:

CS 54001  Computer Science III - Programming Patterns

CS 54201  Artificial Intelligence

CS 63005  Advanced Database Systems Design

CS 63015  Data Mining Techniques

CS 63017  Big Data Management

CS 63018 Probabilistic Data Management

Research Labs in Computational Data Science:

· Algorithm and Big Data Analysis Lab - Dr. Feodor Dragan

· Big Data and Data Science Lab - Dr. Xiang Lian

· Big Data Intelligence Lab - Dr. Austin Melton

· Visual Data Analytics Lab - Dr. Ye Zhao

· Data Mining Lab - Dr. Ruoming Jin