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Introduction to Computational Health Informatics



(KENT, OHIO, January 23, 2020)  Congratulations to Professor Arvind Kumar Bansal as his newest textbook  Introduction to Computational Health Informatics, has just been published by Chapman & Hall/CRC Press under its “data mining and knowledge discovery series”Thanks to Prof. Bansal for finding time to develop this first-of-its-kind textbook written for students with a computer science background who wish to engage in application and system development. This is a graduate level textbook which can be used by AI and Data Science programs for the course Computational Health Informatics. The coauthors are Dr. Javed I. Khan and Dr. Shaikh Kaiser Alam. This book is designed for a semester-long graduate or senior undergraduate course on Computational Health Informatics. The focus of the book is on computational techniques, algorithms, and protocols that are widely used in healthcare data analysis and health informatics and it integrates computer science and clinical perspectives. This book prepares computer science students for careers in computational health informatics and medical data analysis. The book is available at   This is Dr. Bansal's second textbook.  His book, Introduction to Programming Languages, is also a widely used popular textbook, and is also available at CRC Press.


Arvind Bansal is a full professor of Computer Science at Kent State University, and directs the Artificial Intelligence laboratory.  He has contributed in artificial intelligence, multimedia computing, programming languages, bioinformatics, health informatics and social robotics. 




Textbook:  Introduction to Computational Health Informatics
textbook by Professor Arvind Bansal, Dept. of Computer Science
textbook by Professor Arvind Bansal, Dept. of Computer Science

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