Scholarships for Computer Science Majors


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Incoming Student?


Choose Ohio First "21st Century Computer Science Workplace in Ohio" program will annually provide a number of undergraduate tuition scholarships for computer science majors. Funding decisions will be made based on a combination of merit and financial need. The scholarships will be awarded to promising incoming computer science students. The scholarships were made possible by a grant from the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

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CS Scholarship Attributes


In the current 2022-2023 academic year, the application will open by December 10, 2022 and will close on May 31, 2023. Awards will be announced in the summer and will be applied to the the student's bursar account for the Fall 2023 semester. Award amounts may vary from year to year, dependent upon the funds' earnings. All awards are distributed through the student's KSU bursar account.


The Richard A. and Tena W. Dowding Scholarship

  • This scholarship is to go to an undergraduate or graduate Kent State University Computer Science student from Canton or Akron, Ohio, who can demonstrate financial need through the completion of the FAFSA form. The recipient will be a student who demonstrates mentoring and lifelong learning behavior and strong collaboration and knowledge sharing with his peers, faculty and staff.  


  • This fund will support a scholarship by June 1, 2022. Until then, this scholarship will not be available for use. Applicants will be computer science majors at Kent State University with at least a 3.0 GPA and the award may be applied to tuition or room and board.  


  • Applicants should be full-time undergraduate or graduate computer science majors and the award may be used to support tuition, room and board, fees, books and supplies, and travel expenses related to attending school at Kent State University.

the johnnie w. baker endowed computer science scholarship

  • This scholarship is to go to an undergraduate computer science major enrolled as a junior or senior at Kent State University.  The student should have a minimum 3.0 GPA and demonstrate financial need through the completion of the FAFSA form. The recipient should also be active in organizations on campus such as the ACM-W Chapter, the Kent State Scientista Chapter or the Kent State Women's Center.  The funds may be used for tuition, fees, or room and board.


  • Note: You may work on the form and save it and return to it later, but once you "submit," you will not be able to retrieve it for editing. Please save it as you go along and exit the form, but do not submit until you are absolutely sure you are ready to release it.

  • Note: You may apply for all three if you qualify without having to complete the application three times. 

  • Note: If you need help creating a resume - keep it simple and try checking out this sample for guidance.