What Do Computer Scientists Do?


There are a wide range of interesting careers for graduates with a B.S in Computer Science. A Computer Scientist may start a career in medical informatics, information security, game design, multimedia systems, or web development, to name just a few. Many computer science jobs involve much more than simply writing computer programs, and many jobs involve working as part of a team.

What do computer scientists do?

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You're probably aware that this is a great time to enter the computing field, but you might not be aware just how bright the future is for computing at the moment. This bright outlook for computing has been confirmed by the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics. In the 10-year period from 2004-2014, a staggering 71% of the new jobs in science and engineering will be in computing. Even considering new jobs plus net replacements (e.g., filling retirements), 59% of the new jobs are in computing.

An article in CNN Money listing "100 Best Jobs in America" names Software Architect as #1 and Video Games Designer as #2.


We are proud of our modern CS curriculum that aligns with current national guidelines from the two major computing professional associations (the Computing Curriculum from the ACM and IEEE-CS).

We prepare students by focusing on concepts, together with application of those concepts. Other types of computing programs (such as Information Technology programs) tend to focus on using and managing computers, and on specific computer applications. Computer technology will change but the underlying concepts remain the same, which allows Computer Science students to adapt to new technologies as they appear.

We have a great community for Computer Science majors here at Kent State University! Our school offers Computer Science oriented student organizations for those who wish to get more involved with their peers. We highly recommend you check them out. Throughout the year students can often find many events to get involved and learn more outside of the classroom such as attending workshops, career and internships fairs, and hackathons. We also have free tutoring in many different subjects to make sure you stay on track with your academic goals!  Kent State has a lot to offer to all its students!

With a large research faculty, we offer a broad array of courses, with a rich set of electives. For example, a student in our program might specialize in the area of game programming or information security.

We also have an internship program to help interested students get real-world work experience.

Moreover, our undergraduate students benefit from the department's thriving graduate program. Students take classes from professors who are researchers and have up-to-date knowledge in their fields. Interested students have the opportunity to do research with faculty members. Qualified students with good GPAs may take graduate classes, and a combined B.S./M.S. program allows up to 12 credit hours of graduate classes to count for both undergraduate and graduate credit.