One of the key elements to the Center for the Study of Gender & Sexuality is the participation of faculty affiliate members through both research and service.

Below, please find a list of links to research by faculty affiliates:


Country Crush, a documentary by Dr. Molly Merryman


Invisible Struggles by Dr. Molly Merryman


Highland Lives, an LGBTQ documentary about a gayborhood in Akron  has been picked up by Tales from the Margins, a UK-based LGBTQ program that airs on the Latest TV network which is based out of Brighton but watched throughout England—the station viewership is in the millions.



Women Who Flew by Dr. Molly Merryman


Dr. Merryman was invited to write the forward to a new publication from Lexington Press,

Horrific Humor and the Moment of Droll Grimness in Cinema



Red Umbrella Rights by Doctor Molly Merryman explores sex worker rights by focusing on founders of the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers and members of Bay Area Sex Worker Outreach Project. The 54-minute documentary interviews sex worker activists and utilizes ethnographic methods to capture event organizing and activism.


·      CineKink Film Festival, NYC, March 2018. 

·      Sex Workers’ Festival of Resistance, MoMA, Manhattan, March 2018, short version.

·      Sarah Lawrence College, March 2018. 

·      Broadcast on Tales from the Margins Extra, Live TV, Brighton, UK, February 2018. 

·      Selected for the Impact Doc Awards, LaJolla, CA, January 2018. 

·      University of London, Birkbeck, November 2017. 

·      Semi-Finalist, Sydney Indie Film Festival, August 2017.

·      San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Art Festival, May 2017.


·      International Visual Sociology Association meeting, Lillehammer, Norway, June 2016.