Arts Entrepreneurship Student Organization

By working closely with designated faculty in the College of the Arts charged with creating and maintaining a vibrant Arts Entrepreneurship Program, the Arts Entrepreneurship Student Organization will: 


  • Be an active participant in the planning and implementation of Arts Entrepreneurship events at Kent State.
  • Be a sounding board for designated faculty in the College of the Arts on potential curricular and extracurricular initiatives.  
  • Work with the AESO advisor to identify or confirm proposed guests to speak with AESO members.
  • Encourage other students to join the organization to increase the impact of the organization.
  • Use membership dues, grants, and human capital to:
    • Host activities that will help develop future generations of arts entrepreneurs with a global perspective.
    • Help increase awareness and access to the arts and art entrepreneurship in the Kent State System and greater community 
    • Assist in creating an environment that encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration
To promote Arts Entrepreneurship at Kent State University, by providing assistance to the College of the Arts, as they develop and sustain a multi-disciplinary arts ecosystem at Kent State University, the region, and beyond.