Campus Kitchen at Kent State University

CKKSU is a part of the national Campus Kitchen Project and was started by KSU students in 2011. By recovering food that otherwise would go to waste, the kitchen is able to prepare 350+ nutritious meals each week for those who struggle with food insecurity.

We also collaborate with the Center for Nutrition Outreach at Kent to provide fresh food for the Mighty Pack program and prepare food samples for the Haymaker Farmers’ Market. Finally, CKKSU delivers fresh food to the Office of the Deans of Students satellite pantry on Fridays.

To see what shifts you can help at, simply click this link and search "Campus Kitchen."

Campus Kitchen aims to serve the food insecure in the community. Every week, Trader Joes donates hundreds of pounds of food to Campus Kitchen, where volunteers then repurpose it and give to the food insecure.