Common Interest Student Organizations

This is a list of student organization of common interests from each of the eight (8) campuses. If you do not see your organization on this list and feel it should be added, please contact Sydney Jordan at sjordan3 [at]


American Sign Language
  • Council of American Instructors of the Deaf/ASL Club, Kent Campus
    Genesis Gutierrez | ggutier5 [at]
  • If These Hands Could Talk, Trumbull Campus
    Jacqueline Germano | jgerman4 [at]

Information Technology

Information Technology
  • Association of Information Technology Professionals, Ashtabula Campus
    Carolyn Carvalho | ccarvalh [at]
  • Association of Information Technology Professionals, East Liverpool Campus
    Robert Logan | rlogan [at]
  • Association of Information Technology Professionals, Salem Campus
    Robert Logan | rlogan [at]
  • Computer Club, Stark Campus
    Angela Gurecio | aguercio [at]

Special Interests

  • English Club, Kent Campus
    Garret Waugh | gwaugh [at]
  • English Club, Tuscarawas Campus
    Dr. Nicole Willey | nwilley [at]
  • English Society, Ashtabula Campus
    Beth Devore | bdevore2 [at]
    Abby Bowers | abower10 [at]
  • English Club, Salem Campus
    Dr. James Winter | jwinter2 [at]
  • English Club, Stark Campus
    Morgan Terry | mterry10 [at]
  • History Club, Kent Campus
    Gabriel Lorenz | glorenz3 [at]
  • History Club, Stark Campus
    Michael Archer | marcher4 [at]
Human Services
  • Human Services Tech, Ashtabula Campus
    Joan Steidl | jsteidl [at]
  • Human Services Tech, East Liverpool Campus
    Dr. Steven Toepfer | stoepfer [at]
  • Pride, Kent Campus
    Brandon Stephens | bsteph13 [at]
  • Pride, Geauga Campus
    Dr. Sue Clement | sclement [at]
  • Pride, Tuscarawas Campus
    Dr. Scott Keiller | skeiller [at]
  • Harmony Alliance, East Liverpool Campus
    Dr. Patti Swartz | pswartz [at]


  • Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ), Kent Campus
    Mitchell Begue | jcsehi [at]
  • Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ), Ashtabula
    Shelly Marshall | skmarsha [at] Kevin Acierno | kacierno [at]
  • Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ), Geauga Campus
  • KSU Bible Study & Fellowship, Salem Campus
    Dr. Tsunghui Tu | ttu [at]
  • Revive, Stark Campus
    Brielle Black | bblack13 [at]


  • College Democrats, Kent Campus
    Hana Barkowitz | hbarkowi [at]
  • College Democrats, Ashtabula Campus
    Michelle Foster | mfoster2 [at]
  • College Republicans, Kent Campus
    Jennifer Hutchinson | jhutch12 [at]
  • College Republicans, Ashtabula Campus
    Jason Csehi | jcsehi [at]


  • Biology Club, Kent Campus
    Ruthann Antolik | rantoli1 [at]
  • Biology Club, Stark Campus
    Daytona Hedrick | dhedric3 [at]
General Education

Kent State Stark Educators Association, Stark Campus
Jocelyn Zeedrich | jzeedri2 [at]

Music Education
  • Music Tech Club, Stark Campus
    Sam Ventura | sventur4 [at]
  • Ohio Collegiate Music Education Association, Kent Campus
    Shelby Denton | sdenton3 [at]
  • Ohio Collegiate Music Education Association, Stark Campus
    Jordy Betancourt | jbentanc1 [at]
  • Percussion Club, Stark Campus
    Neal Dingies | ndingies [at]
  • Brainstorm, Stark Campus
    Rylie Woods | rwoods24 [at]

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice
  • Justice Club, Ashtabula Campus
    Marna Drum | mdrum [at]
  • Criminal Justice Club, East Liverpool Campus
    Lynette Rawlings | lrawling [at]
  • Criminology Student Organization, Kent Campus
    Megan Downey | mdowney3 [at]
  • Criminal Justice Club, Salem Campus
    Lynette Rawlings | lrawling [at]
  • Criminal Justice Club, Stark Campus
    Deirdre Warren | dwarren5 [at]
  • Jurisprudence, Trumbull Campus
    Dr. Mary Wilson | mgwilson [at]
  • Criminology and Justice Studies Club, Tuscarawas Campus
    David Graff | dgraff [at]


  • Actuarial Mathematics Club, Kent Campus
    Kathryn Palmucci | kpalmucc [at]
  • Math Club, Stark Campus
    Michael Spirnals | mspirnals [at]


Student Ambassadors
  • Kent Student Ambassadors, Kent Campus
    Amanda Bevington | abevingt [at]
  • Student Ambassadors, Ashtabula Campus
    Megan Krippel | mkrippel [at]
  • Student Ambassadors, Stark Campus
    Kristin Hill | khill [at]
  • Environmental Society, Kent Campus
    Kristen Schmidt | kschmi18 [at]
  • Environmental Conservation Club, Kent Campus
    Benjamin Stillman | bstillm1 [at]
  • Environmental Club, East Liverpool Campus
    Megan Rodgers | mrodger8 [at]
  • Gaia Society, Geauga Campus
    Dr. Sue Clement | sclement [at]
  • GEODES, Stark Campus
    Jessica Dudley | jdudley9 [at]
  • Stark Campus Business Council (SCBC)
    Brandy Burgess | bburgess1 [at]
  • Veteran's Club, Kent Campus
    Bradford Levicky | rlewand [at]
  • Veteran's Club, Tuscarawas Campus
    Dr. Stephen Minnick | sminnick [at]
  • Veteran's Group, Geauga Campus
    Dave Chappell | dchappel [at]
  • Student Veteran's Association, Ashtabula Campus
    Kerri Lochmueller | klochmue [at]
  • Student Nurses' Association, Ashtabula Campus
    Amy Lower | alower1 [at]
  • Student Nurses' Association, Tuscarawas Campus
    Laurie Barcus | lbarcus1 [at]
  • Student Nurses' Association, Trumball Campus
    Lynne Walker | lwalke18 [at]
  • Student Nurses' Association, East Liverpool Campus
    Debbie Hager | dhager1 [at]
  • Student Nurses' Association, Kent Campus
    Jamie Burchett | jburche1 [at]
  • National Student Nurses Association, Geauga Campus
  • Students for Professional Nursing, Kent Campus
    Emily Vickers | evicker2 [at]
  • Students for Professional Nursing, Salem Campus
    Mary Lou Ferranto | mferrant [at]
  • SCRUBS (Stark Nursing Association), Stark Campus
    Christina Rivera | crivera7 [at]
  • Stark National Student Nurses Association
    Christina Rivera | crivera7 [at]