Even Ground

 Even Ground is meant to combat the stigma of masculinity and help young men on campus come and have a space to try and understand this term that has often been misinterpreted known as masculinity. Along with this the club will be looking into the idea of relationships in three parts: within yourself, within friendships, and romantically. Through this the club hopes to help those young men who get involved the ability to better understand themselves by facilitating growth by providing them with whatever information or assistance they may be able to utilize to better understand themselves. Even Ground hopes to provide all who come to meetings with a safe and confidential experience where young men can come and see what resources are out there for them to get the help they need. In regards to students of other gender identities, we are more than happy to collaborate with many other student organizations to better gain insight into what they’re organizations and lives are about. Here at Even Ground our goal is not only to try to unravel this mystery that is the “masculine” identity, but also in that unraveling come to understand and listen to all those individuals and groups around us and learn.

This club is meant to foster a healthy and open environment for young men of any creed, culture, color, religion, or sexual orientation to come and talk about their problems while also ensuring they are provided the resources they need..




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