Make your event a FLASHperks event and you also get the marketing reach of the program.  Your event will be tagged as a FLASHperks event on the main university calendar and will be included in the weekly FLASHperks email sent out to all undergraduate students.  

When your event gets approved you will receive an email with the FLASHperks logo.  You are encouraged to add this logo to your marketing material to drive more students to your event.  When you are talking about your event on social media, tag @FLASHperks or use #FLASHperks so students know they can get points.

Costs:  FREE 
Artwork Specs:  No artwork required
Request Form:  As you complete the event request for the university calendar page you will be asked if you want to add FLASHperks.
Contact Person:  Sydney Jordan | sjordan3@kent.edu.
Deadline:  Must be submitted at least 14 days prior to your event