Habitat for Humanity: Kent State Chapter

Habitat for Humanity: Kent State Chapter serves by increasing substandard living
conditions in the Portage County area by working with Habitat for Humanity of Portage
County to construct the homes. Habitat for Humanity: Kent State Chapter donates by
helping buy the materials needed for projects. Our donations come from the fundraising
we do throughout the year which includes raking lawns in the fall, hosting bingo events,
providing transportation services, and pursuing other creative ideas developed by our
club members. All activities and functions of Habitat for Humanity at Kent State
University shall be legal under University, local, state, and federal laws. Lastly, Habitat for Humanity: Kent State Chapter builds lifelong skills and friendships as we meet a couple times a month for chapter meetings, the volunteering itself, and socials.

The organization wants to help serve and give back to the community through
various acts of service and donations while building lifelong skills and friendships.



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