International Graduate Students Association

The purpose of IGSA is to meet the professional, academic and socio-cultural needs of international graduate students within the Kent State Community. To support and help international students in their academic, research and professional endeavors. Our organization recognizes graduation with master's or Ph.D. as a top priority. Subsequently this organization is dedicated to the promotion of academic excellence, mentoring, professional guidance, and social support that will enhance the opportunities for International Graduate students at Kent State University.

We wish to provide a place of refuge where International students are encouraged to share ideas, concepts, concerns, challenges, and successes and engage in partnerships and multidisciplinary research.  Finally we aim to provide social opportunities for members to relax and relate through recreational and scholarly entertainment.

Giving voice to International students to express their concerns, needs and challenges that are unique to them. The International Graduate Students Association of Kent State University is to organize and provide social, academic and professional mediums.



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